The Song That Is Me (Performed by Rupert Everett)

This may or may not be surprising, but the song I absolutely love is I Say a Little Prayer for You. It’s a kind of a good omen song: whenever I hear it, good things happen. A dull party begins to sparkle, wind beneath my wings becomes stronger… When I realised a few years ago that I’d definitely have another wedding in my life (because my first marriage ended), I knew that this would be the song I wanted to hear. A couple of times I even thanked DJs for playing the song without my request.

I asked a friend of mine recently to suggest a song that could be “me”. After some thinking he suggested Red Roses for the Blue Lady. As for me, considering what I know about myself, I Say a Little Prayer for You is the song I’d choose for myself.

I write about different favourite actors on this blog. One of them is Rupert Everett whom I haven’t mentioned for a while. And, speaking of fortunate occurrences, back in 2005 I worked as a researcher on a BBC’s Songs of Praise programme dedicated to the impending release of the first installment of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. Everett gave his voice to the character of Mr Fox. This was the first time I worked for a TV programme, but what I’ve always loved about the Beeb is that they gave you full control and responsibility for your tasks. So, I was given access to a few databases and a task to find contact details of a few actors’ agents, to ask them whether or not the actors in question would be available to take part in the programme.

The third candidate was the one whose agent was the hardest to reach; it took me two and half weeks. Jim Broadbent‘s agent got back on the same day, with the positive response. But imagine my ecstasy when I saw the name of Rupert Everett on the list. Imagine how much happier I felt when his agent forwarded my email to his publicist who kindly got in touch with details on how and where to fax the questions.

Sadly, it looks like I love Rupert for his slightly less-known films (like, The Madness of King George), while his version of my favourite song that played in My Best Friend’s Wedding eluded me because I’ve never seen the film. The world moves in mysterious ways, and the justice has now been done. Strangely enough, although I’m not religious, I do say little prayers for people I love.


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