Felice Compleanno al Mio Migliore Amico

As I was thinking of doing something special for my best friend who is celebrating his birthday today, I was thinking about a Leo. Leo represents passion, creativity, self-confidence, determination, success, beauty, and love for spectacle and joyful pleasures. Somehow Blondie’s Atomic seemed to be a great present. And sometimes, as well, it pays off to trust horoscopes. We had been working for a week at the same company, but the horoscope for February 14, 2007 predicted that I would meet a special person somewhere very close, maybe on the bus. Although we’d chatted a couple of times at work, in the morning of February 14 it was the first time we had a proper talk, and it was on the bus. This was followed by a few months of commute that we undertook together, both to and from Warrington, and that planted the seeds of ongoing friendship. Recently my Italian friend has done a lot for me, and I can’t help pointing out that we often approach tough times from the wrong angle. We get too negative about the bad things happening, whereas in reality they are a real blessing in disguise. They test you, your values and your way of life; and they also test people around you. It means a lot to me to have such a friend.

I’m somewhat cautious with displaying my appreciation publicly, especially when it comes to sending birthday greetings. I see it as a kind of commitment because birthday is personal, and to me it wouldn’t make sense to send greetings one year and to forget about it the year after. The latter happens, of course, which is why the circle of people whom I greet year after year is quite narrow. On the upside, those who receive my greetings every year know that they mean a world. And this is exactly how I want to make them feel.

Happy birthday and baci, mio caro amico!


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