Don’t Go Changing…

There are a few songs that are always favourite and that I always like sharing with people. In Just the Way You Are the main theme is being true to whatever there really is in the person; to what makes them who they are. Colleagues, friends, lovers, relatives, we all try to be better, to improve ourselves, but sometimes we do it for the sake of someone else. My point is that this should be done for our own sake because whatever respect and recognition we receive from others, it always relates to our core, not to superfluous exterior.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Go Changing…”

  1. I love this song, only that my favourite singer of it is Barry White. And never the truer words! We do change during our life, but one part of us should always stay just the same, don't you think?


  2. @hackaday, thanks a lot! I'll definitely visit! Greetings from UK 🙂

    @Purpur, I've never heard it sung by Barry White, I'll check out.

    I agree 🙂 Andre Gide put it very well: “Be true to that which exists within yourself”. There is a core that will remain the same, something absolutely fundamental that we wouldn't and couldn't change. It's something inherent, it belongs to us, and we simply cannot take it away. But it'd better be something that makes us good in a unique way; something that distinguishes us not merely from the rest, but from people who are somewhat similar to us.

    And with this song, to me it is about the moments in a relationship when we begin to think that our other half is tired of us being the same, and we go out of our way to surprise them, to show them our “other” sides. It's necessary to spice things up, to inject some novelty, but we cannot make a disservice to ourselves and the other person by assuming that they are bored by us. Otherwise, we'll get “Babooshka” 🙂


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