Reading the Tea Leaves – From Poem to Song

I love coffee, and in 2000 I wrote the poem Reading the Tea Leaves. This is a kind of linguistic truism: the English say “reading the tea leaves“, while in Russian we say “reading the coffee grounds“. I explain this so that you do not wonder as to why I mentioned I loved coffee. Admittedly, ten years down the line I do not quite remember how it was composed, but I believe I was at once inspired by the poem Déjeuner du Matin by Jacques Prévert and the song Padam, Padam by Edith Piaf.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine from Moscow who plays and sings in the band told me he composed music to the poem. I liked what I heard, and two years later there is now their debut album, Sun Inside, and the song is called Padam-Padam. Thus I am now officially the author of the song lyrics (the song is in Russian).

The video below is created purely for promotional purposes, it is not official, but considering the problems I’ve been running into lately with audio hosting solution, mixing up a couple of images with the music seems like a decent way out of my conundrum. Skip below for translation of the original Russian text… and some Russian text.

Я от всей души поздравляю группу с выходом альбома, желаю ребятам творческих и жизненных успехов, с отдельными пожеланиями Николаю и Роману. Ну, а себя я поздравляю с тем, что я теперь официально являюсь автором текста песни. И опять же благодарю за это Колю, поскольку, как ни странно, вдохновляться тоже нужно уметь.

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