Love Is a Beautiful Thing – Al Green

Just as I posted about friendship as love, I thought I’d post one of my all time favourites: Love Is a Beautiful Thing by Al Green. Featured in many romantic movies, to me this is simply one of the most wonderful songs that I also find very inspirational and uplifting. In case if Mike Shaft passes by, I’d like to thank him for being so passionate about soul music, and Al Green in particular. It’s coming up to 5 years since I’d met Mike personally at BBC GMR, and on one of the shows he waxed lyrical (in a very good, no-nonsense way) about then brand new Everything Is Ok album by Al Green (2005; non-affiliate Amazon link) and played All the Time on air. Shortly after I heard Love Is a Beautiful Thing on a CD compilation for the first time and played it what feels like thousands of times since. Soul has influenced me a lot musically, and I am obviously grateful to Mike for this: visit his site to see the man who unexpectedly played such an important role in my life.


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