Christmas in Vintage Postcards: Christmas Angels

Over at People’s Almanac there are several impressive galleries of rare postcards. In a way, there is something for everyone, be it Soviet World War II posters, pin-up girls, or Picasso’s paintings. And if you are into plants, there is a plant drawings gallery for you.

In the Vintage Holiday Vignettes album there are many old-style postcards on the main festive occasions, like New Year, St. Valentine’s Day, Easter, and, of course, Christmas. You will probably find some that you like, but here are my favourites.

These days you may be able to find a lot of Christmas cards, but I was particularly impressed by the designs over at Zazzle. Sadly or not, I cannot copy anything for illustration purposes, but when you click on the link you will be sure to find many lovely vintage Christmas postcards. This is a United Kingdom website, so it may be especially useful to those of us who bought the presents but is hunting for postcards.

And the card that impressed me so much was a vintage Christmas card showing a girl standing with her little dog by the Christmas tree.

Last but not least, there is the video on YouTube, a beautiful angelic collection by Pixie Rose Design. I am sure a few readers will be delighted to watch it. I recently found out that, just like I am mad about collecting photos of streetlights, there are people who are equally in love with angels. So, here is to you, my friends.



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