What They Do at Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Session 7, originally uploaded by loscuadernosdejulia.

The day I went out in Manchester for a photo session with a photography student (back in October) we ended up walking into the Town Hall (that houses Manchester City Council) and asking for a permission to take some photos. The answer would certainly be “yes”, but the student made a cardinal mistake by explaining that we wanted to make some “crazy pictures”.

The receptionist said he would have to dial the number and call a person who would grant the permission.

Within 10 minutes the person had appeared, it was a pleasant gentleman, who inquired exactly what it was that we wanted to do. We explained what we were doing (namely, practising portraiture and modelling skills).

– As long as you stay dressed as you are, this is fine, – he said.

I must admit I was perplexed by his answer. I’d never have thought of undressing in the Town Hall. But it turned out that I was not too intrepid, after all.

– Well, they came to us and asked if they could do some photography, and then we saw them shooting fashion pictures in bikinis.

Shooting pictures in bikinis at the Town Hall? You must be joking, man!


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