Thinking of Cex Exchange? Look No Further…

And now for something completely different… Back in January 2007 I received a strange leaflet through the post. It informed me that my Nokia mobile phone was at the wits end because the owner (=me) was flirting with other phones. Then it turned out that, thanks to someone’s mistake at The Carphone Warehouse, I was thought to be a man.

(I have just read the post I wrote back then, and I must admit, with no excuses for being immodest, that I found it funny: Nokia Affair and the Change of Sex).

But having had a walk recently around Manchester, I’ve come to remember a saying “time goes, people change“. What happens now, thanks to I-don’t-know-what, is that sex change is no longer the limit to human opportunities.

There is now a “cex exchange“. And it can be obtained just by Piccadilly train station.

These intrepid explorers are also rewriting the whole of mankind’s history. “CeX“, they tell us, “was founded in London in 1992“.

I can now fully understand the famous “there is no sex in USSR“. If so, then there was no sex anywhere prior to a pivotal day in London in 1992. To fill in the gap in historical perspective, there are relevant sections about “CeX People” and “CeX History”.

Although all the above may not sound quite complimentary, I’m not intentionally taking the mickey out of the business. But together with domain names like “penisland” this is yet another example of how important it is to think about all aspects of branding, including the images the brand name provokes, when written or pronounced.

Besides, the English “c” is spelt exactly as the Russian “c” ([s]), and thus the image of a sex exchange (whatever that means) becomes even more vivid.


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