Les Anges Musiciens – Musical Angels

Manchester Cathedral - Musical Angels 4My photo of one of the musical angels in Manchester Cathedral has just been invited to the group Anges Musiciens (‘musical angels’ in French). I thought I’d point to it those who love art, especially Medieval. Someone was asking if Devil was a musical angel, and if angels could sing. Clearly, if there is an expression ‘angelic voice’, it originated for a reason. Here is the post, if you want to read for yourself. Incidentally, the decor of the altar screen in Manchester Cathedral portraits the singing angels. And on the right is how Edward Burne-Jones depicted a musical angel in 1878-1880 (credit to ArtMagick).

Manchester Cathedral - Singing Angels


2 thoughts on “Les Anges Musiciens – Musical Angels”

  1. There are a number of reasons I enjoy reading this blog every day.. One is the really great writing.. another is the great pictures and in depth information regarding it where it is, and what its provenance is.. I can't go there and see some of these things myself. But I can enjoy the pictures here.

    I really enjoyed your step into song! And believe me I tried to download them from Emeem.. I could not, but if there is a way to get your song to enjoy on my iPod it would great.. you get a lot of passion in your singing.. I loved it!!

    I almost went into withdrawal not seeing anything new for what 2 or 3 days.. there is only one other blog that I feel that way about..


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