Poodle Who? A Kitsch Touch to Creative Grooming

If you type in Google “jeff koons made in heaven“, you will find a site with lots of images that I dare watch but not post to this blog (yet). Apart from those, Jeff Koons, the famous American artist, is renowned for giant puppies, tulips, and other oversized objects and topiary sculptures, often multicolour, like the Bilbao Puppy.

Koons’s art has already influenced Damien Hirst, and, to judge by The Telegraph report, the dog groomers couldn’t remain indifferent either. Throwing caution to the wind, they went ahead of Koons and turned real poodles into pandas, dragons, peacocks, and other pretty monsters that would be a nice addition to the American artist’s work.

I cannot think of a dog owner who never tried to dress their four-legged companion in a sweater, put sunglasses or a cap on them, get them drive a car or similar. A skateboard-riding bulldog was an overnight YouTube sensation. But making your poodle a camel is, well, different.

So, what do you think? Without asking if this is art or not, or is it right to groom a dog like this, my question is: do you do anything similar? Or would you?

Image credits: The Telegraph and ArtThrob.


12 thoughts on “Poodle Who? A Kitsch Touch to Creative Grooming”

  1. I really like this new pic of you.. as to poodle ART?.. not into it.. pic on my blog of wife and 4 Italian Greyhounds in her lap.. we do dress them for cold weather.. I make (sew) dog jackets with long sleeves on the front, because their legs get really cold. But dying their coat.. No.. as cute as it may be,(the panda) it makes me wonder what kind of dye is it? is it safe for the dogs? I just worry about the dog…


  2. Domesticating a dog or whatever animal and taking them along for walks, petting them all is, to me, an one sided act. No one ever ask the pets if they like it. We assume so with our reasonling. May be it is fair. If you accept that premise, one may go over and dress them as one likes. Some even rare a rabbit pet them and kill eat too. Is there a political correct position in this regard?


  3. Agree with you all!

    @Naukishtae, thanks for the comment re: pic 🙂 I totally share your concerns about the dog, I was thinking just the same.

    @Rae, that's very well put!

    @Shashi:alone, that's the problem: we assume that it's OK to do whatever we want to our pets because they cannot speak. It's along the lines of lying to a child because s/he is too young to care. Such assumptions are fundamentally wrong!

    @n00b, thank you!!! And yes, they do look fake amd miserable. And Naukishtae's comment nails the problem down: “But dying their coat.. it makes me wonder what kind of dye is it? is it safe for the dogs?”.


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