Back From the Wizard Land

So, I am back from Wales, back to Manchester, but God knows, I’d love to go back and plunge deep into the Welsh valleys, and climb the Welsh hills, learn the ancient Druidic songs, and study every single monument and legend there is. Below are the main four points of the journey: viewing a Denbighshire valley from the Horseshoe Pass on Tuesday, and visiting Valle Crucis, Snowdonia, and Caernarfon on Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Back From the Wizard Land”

  1. I think Denbighshire valley is really it.. small house, bottom center of first photo.. really looks peaceful.. I could really enjoy living there.. great shots all of them.. there is really something special about anchient buildings.. time worn, and still standing.. the old church yard.. has a scence of past.. nothing in America has that.. everything is so tight together.. almost like the stones of the pyrmids, very tight.. thank you for sharing them…..


  2. thank you so much! I went straight into work after my week's break, but while I was in Wales I thought just that: how wonderful it would be to live there, or at least to have a small house in the centre of that valley to visit regularly. I was told that in LA they demolished all old buildings, so that literally an historian of the early 20th c. Los Angeles would have to study early films to reconstruct what the place looked like. It's a strange time…

    Thanks for being the reader 🙂


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