Shoes in the Sky

Shoes in the Sky, originally uploaded by loscuadernosdejulia.

There are many strange things you come across as you stroll down the streets of your town. I saw this scene about a month ago, near Affleck’s Palace in Manchester’s Northern Quarter – and I have no idea who and why would hang their sneakers to swing in the air. But it was a sight to behold.


Apparently, this is the way for gangs to mark the area they control: a full story on Daily Mail’s website. Deducing from the article’s findings, two people must have been mugged in the Northern Quarter. I wish I could, but I wouldn’t say that I am surprised.


2 thoughts on “Shoes in the Sky”

  1. First off, I have never been to your side of the pond so I can't speak with any knowledge of why they were there your side of the pond… that said, I do know why it occures this side.. dealers do that here to let potential buyers know this is the place to inquire….
    Hopefully not on your side….. so my two pence worth..


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