Mademoiselle Chante Le Blues: Knowing Why You Are There and Trusting Yourself

As we know, sometimes the greatest thoughts visit us in the bathroom. Following in the footsteps of Archimedes, I realised, while taking my shower, that giving advice to people like Susan Boyle or anyone who have found or could find themselves in a situation similar to hers isn’t particularly helpful. Some artists suggested to rely on people who can willingly support you. It is a good thing, but while it is undoubtedly important, there are decisions in life that you have to make alone, without retreating to your support circle. Besides, a support circle is only as good as it enables you to have faith in something that you feel exists in you. At one point or another, though, we need to step out of that circle and act completely or relatively on our own.

Instantly as I thought about this, I remembered the famous Mademoiselle Chante Le Blues by the French singer Patricia Kaas, particularly the line: “elle a du gospel dans la voix, et elle y croit”. The song is actually about the young lady who prefers to do little else but sing blues – although other ladies should not be envious. This song indicates the ultimate choice for any artist, writer, actor, singer when they make their work public. Do they do it because they want their 15 minutes of fame and “after us the deluge”? Or is it something bigger, like knowing that there is something that must be expressed, that pushes them out of their habitat? If it is the second, then 15 minutes of fame don’t really matter.

Patricia Kaas, Mademoiselle Chante Le Blues
(I’d recommend this copy of the French lyrics – as it is full; most of the texts online copy the one that omits the 5th line of the first verse).

There are those who bring up kids at the heart of a council estate,
There are those who travel the world from Brazil to Ukraine,
There are those who live it up around Angouleme,
And there are those who campaign in the street with pamphlets and banners,
There are those who can still play sex-symbols,
There are those who sell love in their car.

Don’t be too jealous
Miss drinks the rouge
Miss sings the blues

There are those who type away eight hours a day,
There are those who court men or women,
There are those who kiss asses as if they do window-shopping.
And there are those who make films and whose name is Marylin,
But Marilyn Dubois will never be Norma Jean,
Don’t think that talent is the only imaginable thing,
Miss sings the blues

Don’t be too jealous
Miss drinks the rouge
Miss sings the blues
She’s got a faith in her voice, in it she trusts

There are those who become nuns, laywers, chemists,
There are those who said everything when they said “I love you”
There are those who are Angouleme spinsters,
And there are those who play free women with small joints, on barbiturates,
Who blend the good life with the images of Epinal,
Who want to do themselves always good and never bad,
Miss sings the blues.

Don’t be too jealous
Miss drinks the rouge
Miss sings the blues
She’s got a faith in her voice, in it she trusts.


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