Amanda Lear – Gold

I‘ve seen this video clip a while ago, but it’s never stopped me fascinating for the reaction of the French cinema and music stars. As I understand it, artists like Jean Rochefort, Charles Aznavour and Catherine Deneuve must’ve been watching Amanda’s clip while taking part in a TV programme. And as all of us would agree, their reaction couldn’t be more peculiar.

I was introduced to Amanda Lear’s songs by a good friend, and I never regretted this. I may be more interested in the work she did with and for Salvador Dali, but at the same time she as a performer certainly has the spell.


3 thoughts on “Amanda Lear – Gold”

  1. Check out the cover of “For Your Pleasure” next time you’re in secondhand recordshop (you need to see it proper size) – you can imagine buying this as a 15-year old was a little mindblowing! (The music as well…)


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