Sweet Transvestite… The Way You Rarely Knew It

It may be strange or not, but the road to my discovery of Rocky Horror Picture Show was paved by Mina Mazzini. Or rather, by her spectacular cover of Sweet Transvestite. For those of us who are Mina’s fans it may be very hard to say when her performance is not great or her covers are not spectacular. But I am sure that the very fact that a female cover of Sweet Transvestite exists is enough to make one wonder how it could be performed on stage or screen. This is obviously not to encroach on the achievement of Tim Curry; instead, this is simply a question of how to make the classic not only long-living but also evolving. The most obvious way is surely to make Dr. Frank-N-Furter a woman and to tell – or imagine – the story from that perspective.

As for I got to finally watch the film – it was last year in Manchester, on the occasion of the Halloween. You can browse the film’s official fan site here.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Transvestite… The Way You Rarely Knew It”

  1. Vraiment, Mina est une chanteuse extraordinaire, et bien que son italien sois mieux que son francais, elle faisait des reprises assez belles en anglais. I owe her discovery to my best friend who is from Milan. Grazie per il vostro commento! 🙂


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