Stand Up for Manchester International Festival Programme

The 2009 Manchester International Festival (2-19 July 2009) full programme goes up live on the site tomorrow, Thursday 19th of March, at 2pm. The tickets will be on sale from 3pm on the same day.

First of all, bookmark the MIF09 official website, and if you haven’t yet joined their mailing list, do it here. Then, you can follow their Twitter updates. Even if you’re not of Twitter, you can safely follow the festival via an RSS reader.

Speaking of… Prima Donna, the debut opera by Rufus Wainwright: I know the festival organisers were happy to hear my feedback about the poster you can see in Manchester. And on the screen by Piccadilly you can see the teaser clip… and if walking to Piccadilly is out of your regular path, then watch the clip online.

Next, you can either friend them on Facebook or MySpace – your choice. And be sure to follow their Flickr photostream and to add pictures when the time is right.

Two years ago I was attending the first ever MIF07; you can update yourself on the posts under the relevant label, and look up some pictures on Flickr. And I’m definitely looking forward to going places and events this year… naturally, reporting them here, in Los Cuadernos.

The photograph by Anthony Crook (Janis Kelly in the leading part in Prima Donna) is courtesy of Manchester International Festival 2009.


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