White Winter 2009 in Manchester

Pay no attention to these well pre-dated Easter adverts (left) – since the weekend, winter has settled in Manchester. I don’t know about you, but I am rather pleased.

It has taken 5 years (on my memory) for this (in)conveniently situated city to experience the proper winter, with temperatures falling well below the nil and lots of snow. The beauty of this snow is that you can make snowballs with it and, of course, snowmen (should there be enough snow and desire).

I called Manchester “inconveniently situated” because as we know the Pennines protect it from the extremities that befall higher situated places like Blackburn or Preston. In fact, my January has been very rich in travel that has taken me out and about Lancashire and Yorkshire. It was certainly great to ride past the snowy Pennines on the way to Blackburn in January. But it was even better to come back to Manchester from Preston on 1st of Feb and to watch the huge snowflakes flying outside my window.

The wintry weather didn’t go today, and I simply had to go out into town with my faithful camera and take a few shots of Manchester the way we’d rarely seen it before.


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