The Flirtations – Website and Playlist

There is something good about Google’s contextual advertising that we get in our Gmails. Had it not been for a Google ad, I’d not have learnt that a popular 1960s Northern Soul band The Flirtations have now got their official website. To be fair, I probably have not got something installed to be able to browse it properly. But well, there is some general knowledge at hand, as well as the ever-reliable Wikipedia.

Also known as The Gypsies, the band sailed from South Carolina to the UK (with a stop in New York) where in 1968 they shot to fame with an awesome, dynamic record Nothing But a Heartache (written by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington; this is a song with a story in all senses – click on the link to read more). The video to this song that has the lovely performers dance on the trumps of stone columns was recorded at the Tintern Abbey in Wales (browse the Tintern Village website; the photo of the abbey ruins is courtesy of the website).

In the playlist I created on Imeem, there is another hit song, Earthquake, with a few prolonged percussion sequences, first starting at about 3:23. It was recorded in 1977, and then its 12-inch version became a hit in 1983.

And below is the very recent story of The Flirtations visiting the Oldies Unlimited music shop in Wolverhampton in December 2008. Click on the link or watch the video report below, courtesy of Express & Star.


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