Happy Chinese New Year in Manchester

As they say, “better later than never”. I have mentioned a few times on my Russian blog that January 26th was the date of the Chinese New Year (of the Yellow Ox, no less), as well as the first solar eclipse of 2009. As you can gather, I have forgotten to mention the same here, although I didn’t forget to celebrate another important date on this blog.

Thankfully, though, I wasn’t too late – Manchester celebrated the Chinese New Year on Feb 1st. I didn’t go to Albert Square on Sunday, as I’d just returned from Preston where I was involved in one creative project. But when I was walking in town on a Monday evening I was caught up in the beautiful atmosphere of the Town Hall bells ringing a melody. The Chinese decorations were still in place, as you can see. Better yet, it was possible to look into the Town Hall’s windows and to have a glimpse of the stupendous inner decor. Ford Madox Brown, the unofficial Pre-Raphaelite, undertook extensive work on the decoration of Manchester’s Town Hall.

Manchester has got a large and established Chinese community. There is the city’s own Chinatown with the Arch (left); Chinese Arts Centre in Northern Quarter; and two namesakes of The City of Goats in Princess Street. I wholeheartedly greet my Chinese readers and visitors with the Year of the Yellow Ox. And once again wish that for all of us this year becomes a wonderful, successful, and a very happy one – in spite of all the economic and financial problems!


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