Christmas Decorations at the Walker Art Gallery

Last week was quite eventful for me. I organised an impromptu visit to Liverpool, then to Hyde Park in, er, Hyde, and on Saturday I paid a sad visit to Woolworths at Salford Precinct. Check out all the BBC news on the subject of closure of one of the oldest and most familiar brands around, or go directly to this dedicated page about the closure sale, complete with a video report and audio slide show about the wonder of Woolies.

I was not impartial to Woolworths myself, and in my over five years in England I have visited it quite often. I wasn’t a regular customer, but I will certainly miss their sweets stall.

Nevertheless, Christmas is just around the corner, and the festive fever is growing. From outside my window I can see into another flat, and there they have over a dozen of Xmas cards displayed on the sill. I’m receiving and sending most of my cards by email this year, although I will have had a few paper ones by Dec 25, too.

Also, today is the first day of Hanukkah 2008. I know this isn’t New Year yet, but one of my reservations for 2009 is to be slightly more observant of the main religious holidays. Not in the sense that I might begin to practise them, but rather that I do not forget to greet my readers when it is appropriate. I have written about Christian (or rather Orthodox) Easter; the 2008 Xmas label is dedicated to Christmas, and now I am going to wish the Happy Hanukkah to those of my readers who may be observing the rites. Those of you who want to know more about this Jewish religious holiday are very welcome to go to what is indeed the ultimate website about Hanukkah.



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