Laughter at the Time of Financial Crisis

Just to what extent can you take things seriously? There is certainly a limit to the amount of tears one can shed over a particular issue. In Moscow, to my knowledge, people aren’t being given credits from the banks. Even those whose application was approved are still waiting. Each day the bank issues a letter ordering to give or not to give the money. So far it has been “do not give” – and that for nearly two weeks, at least.

What to do in this situation? I recall a phrase from one romantic novel: “He laughed – the only thing that a normal man could do who was close to going mad“. Possibly, this is the reason for diverse and sundry posts in the Russian LiveJournal laughing off the influence of the crisis on one’s mental sanity. Some of them were even “bound” in a .pdf file, as the “Anti-crisis” book of funny quotes, jokes, short stories, pictures, and slogans. One of the pictures (photoshopped, incidentally) you can see on the left; the description says: “What Are the Pants Compared to Eternity?” And below are a few jokes that I translated.

John Smith, who plummeted from the 75th floor in Wall St, upon falling has bounced off the ground up to 10 metres, thus improving the result of his morning fall…

One banker calls another:
– So, old fellow, how are you doing?
– Good, good.
– … sorry, I dialled the wrong number.

The Minister of Finances has said that the citizens have nothing to fear about the crisis. They should have feared before; now it is too late.

The crisis has got me back on my feet! The bank confiscated my car because I couldn’t pay the credit.

A man comes to the bank for a consultation.
– I’d like to start a small business. What do I do?
– You should buy a big business and wait.

Two bosses talk:
– Listen, do you pay salaries to your employees?
– No.
– Neither do I. But do they still go to work?
– Yes.
– So do mine. Listen, maybe we demand payment for the entry to work?
One week later.
– So, did the paid entrance help you to get rid of them?
– No way! In order to save money, they come into work on Monday and live there till Friday.


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