When Computers Are Useful

I woke up at 5.40 this morning with a strange feeling of wanting to stay in bed but not wanting to sleep. As I gradually dragged myself out of bed and to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, it was 7am, and I resolved to go to the library at 9. There are two projects I am working on now, and although a lot of research has already been done, there is still a lot to do, so visiting the library is a rather lovely necessity.

And thus, I was sitting on the sofa, drinking hot tea with lemon, when I decided to go do some work on the computer before I leave the house. The desktop loaded, and I saw the clock. It was 7.45.

I double-checked. You see, before I went on the computer I checked the time on my mobile, and it was 8.45. But no, it was 7.45 all around. I realised that I’d forgotten to put the clock one hour back.

This is not to dispute (or refute) the more regular usefulness of computers. But it is lovely to know that, while a human being forgets to do something, the machine does it automatically and can remind the human being of what needs to be done. I’d really hate to stand outside the library on a rainy Sunday morning.

So, thanks to computers! And double-check your own clocks and watches, if you haven’t yet.


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