Audenesque Thoughts of the Prince

Time will say nothing, but I told you so/ Time only knows the price we have to pay“, soberly reflected Wystan Hugh Auden in his well-known poem. Diane Arbus, when working on a feature for November 1961 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, visited Prince Robert de Rohan Courtenay (left) and copied this from his corpus of writing:

So with growth, changing environment and vagaries of fortune, the facets of a man’s life so vary, in a seeming and rapid inconsistency, that he appears to live his life as a succession of characters – in different dramas – sometimes high, sometimes low – and his innermost secrets are hidden in Time; and Time knows nothing! To outsiders, the personal history of anyone is merely a legend, imperfectly understood – and a fable believed and agreed upon!

(a quote and photo are from Diane Arbus: Magazine Work).


2 thoughts on “Audenesque Thoughts of the Prince”

  1. Hi Paul, thanks a lot! I’ve highlighted your post, too. I’ll be keeping my eye on the comments, but until Thursday I’m swarmed by poverty, paintings and blogging about both! :-))) All the best,


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