Manchester Sculpture

Manchester Sculpture, originally uploaded by loscuadernosdejulia.

Manchester Sculpture - CloseupIt is a kind of miracle that I went past this composition many times in the five years I’ve been in Manchester, but it was only now that I finally took a photo of it. I should be quick to say that I know next to nothing about the sculpture, but it is impressive, especially when you get to stand in front of it. The sculpture stands in front of the old UMIST building, and, as a matter of fact, I live next door to it – UMIST that is, not the sculpture. Somehow I feel happy that I don’t have to see it from the window first thing in the morning. But it is a lovely reminder of reckless pirates and intrepid overseas explorers in our quickly developing megapolis.


2 thoughts on “Manchester Sculpture”

  1. The statue is named “A Monument to Vimto” by Kerry Morrison and is carved out of an oak tree from a sustainable forest. It’s sat in that particular location, on Granby Row in central Manchester, because that’s where the popular soft drink Vimto was originally produced.


  2. Matt, thanks! 🙂 Clearly, I couldn’t be further from the truth with the “pirate” connection – although it still seems to be the most evident interpretation. Any ideas on why such was the design?


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