Zizek Video in the International Journal of Zizek Studies

We’ve had it all: Slavoj Zizek’s live talk during his “tour of the North”, the audio extracts I used in my account of the lecture, there were materials at the Subaltern Studies, and now there is a dedicated issue of the International Journal of Zizek Studies, edited by Dr Paul Taylor – Zizek On Video. Without saying much more, there is now just one definitive site to visit if you want to have a firsthand experience of Zizek in action, and that is the video issue of IJZS.

Before I leave you to click on Zizek on Video, I’d like to note the particularly interesting point Dr Taylor has made about this edition of IJZS. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I linked previously to the podcasts and videocasts at the University of Berkeley, one of which was actually an open lecture by David Lynch. To quote Dr Taylor, “the presentation of this issue of IJZS using video material is additionally significant. It clearly demonstrates that the online format not only competes effectively with its dead-tree alternatives in terms of traditional textual scholarship, but it is also able to make full use of technology to provide scholars with other important aspects of intellectual thought – the interview and the public lecture“. If my opinion about both these initiatives is to be summed up, this is a healthy and perspective way not only to enrich the actual educational process (I dare say it is easier to read Zizek if one has once heard and seen him speak), but also to create a lasting archive of great men on video.


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