The Second Blogiversary

Indeed, it’s been two years that I’ve been writing the blog. It may be strange that I wanted to mark the occasion with a blog post, or at least I never really looked at how often other bloggers celebrate the anniversaries of their blogs. Perhaps, I’ll skip the next two and then write the 5th jubilee post.

A month ago I thought I would list some blogging tips, but then I changed my mind. In part, this was because I realised that those tips would amalgamate my experience as a blogger with the industry knowledge. On the other hand, ideally I would need to call the post something SE-friendly, to make sure that my knowledge-sharing efforts don’t sink in without a trace in the SERPs. And your blog is like your child or beloved, providing you put a lot of effort and love into it. Naturally, you want the celebrations to be fairly intimate and to mark the nature of your entreprise.

Therefore, the celebration of Los Cuadernos de Julia 2nd blogiversary will happen as me updating you on the recent changes to the blog. First, the title: it now displays the painting “Vanitas” by anonymous Russian artist of the first half of the 18th c. I tried to use a more personal image of my own notebooks, but it didn’t work, and possibly for the better.

Another change is that a lovely picture of a bookshelf in the side bar (another 18th c. Russian painting, “The Books” by the artist BogomOlov) takes you to what I called Los Cuadernos Bookshelves, and yes, they are on Amazon. Some posts have previously had links to Amazon pages, but I am planning to create a kind of catalogue of books I read and films I saw, with short reviews. For which purpose (and for which reason) I started the Bookshelves blog on TypePad. I should be quick to point out, though, that as I am writing this post, that blog is still a tabula rasa, but it won’t stay that way for too long.

And finally, I spent today’s afternoon adding more labels to the blog (while listening to the Manchester Pride music). The idea is quite simple: Los Cuadernos de Julia have always been like an open book, and given the variety of subjects and themes, some sort of index was necessary. The indexing is still in process (because I’m doing this by memory of what I’ve written about in two years) and will involve creating the clustered categories by topic, for the ease of navigation. The outcome should be that, instead of being transfixed by the sheer number of index entries, the readers will be able to skip directly to the category they are interested in. Update: at present, I am transfixed by the number of categories, still thinking of how to organise them so that the almighty Google doesn’t break down trying to understand how to index the blog. For now, please browse the full list of labels, and hopefully I figure out the solution soon.


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