Manchester Blog Awards 2008: Nominations Time

Manchester bloggers may have been struggling to find time and place to meet this year (until recently, that is), but for the third year running – and thanks to Kate @ The Manchizzle – they have one good reason to come together in October: the annual Manchester Blog Awards. The great news is also that for the second year running the ceremony itself will take place at Matt & Phred’s Jazz Club in Tib St in the Northern Quarter. The nominations are now open and will remain such until 6pm on Thursday, September 18th, and here are two posts from Kate, listing and explaining this year’s categories (if I am not mistaken there are some changes from the previous years), and also shedding some light on the nominations and shortlisting criteria.

Manchester Blog Awards 2008: Nominations Open

Helpful Hints on Nominating for the Blog Awards

All the blog entries are shortlisted, judged and awarded by the panel of respected judges (yet to be unveiled), and the ceremony will take place on October 22nd. There will be more from Kate and, consequently, from all of us who broadcast Kate’s messages far and wide, so stay tuned in!

(MBA logo is courtesy of The Manchizzle).


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