The Future of Mobile Technologies

A photo by ke21 from AU KDDI’s Mobile in Forest exhibition in Japan struck me as something infinitely stylish and glamorous. I don’t own a super-slim Mac, but, I thought, I wouldn’t mind owning this super-sleak, super-slim, super-super-everything mobile phone. And, sigh, it is made of paper. Just as I decided to follow the fashion for minimalistic gadgets…

But then I cast my mind back to April when we heard the news that smells could now be transposted via mobile phones. Perhaps, it is not too long before we see paper-made technology working in the digital world.

At any rate, this is definitely the gadget I would have in my bag. Or perhaps, this yellow one, with a butterfly. Definitely not the all-black with some suspiciously looking insects (even if for the demonstration purposes only). All photos are by ke21.

In the post you can also see the images from the exhibition found at Read more (in Japanese only) and view more images.


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