Where Have All The Manc Bloggers Gone?

For those of you who recognised a paraphrased line from “Holding Out For A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler I can only confirm that, yes, “I need a meet-up”. With other Mancunian bloggers, that is. May it sound very weird, but I have just found this video on YouTube, produced by Ian @ Spinneyhead.co.uk back in 2006, and, by George, did it bring some good memories!

Understandably, with the dissolution of the BBC Manchester Blog and all the recent excitement in the Manchizzle‘s family (congratulations, Kate!!), the most regular meet-up that I know about and attend (as well as a few friends, notably Craig) is the Manchester Digital monthly gatherings, faithfully organised and posted about on Facebook by David Bird. My feeling, however, is that we should try and organise a similar monthly/bi-monthly meeting for Manchester bloggers – and I even volunteer to send the meeting reminders on Facebook, as and when necessary.

Anyway, watch the video and see some of Manchester bloggers, journalists, PR-people, etc. Sink in the atmosphere of the bygone days. Hope we get back on track some time soon. And just in case you decide to get together, may I kindly ask to do this in early September – I am hoping to be out of the cast by then. 🙂

Final Update: in case if you did not check the latest posts in Los Cuadernos de Julia, here are the final details of September meet-up.


This is the appeal on The Mancunian Way for Manchester Internet stars to come forward with their online hubs, be they blogs, sites, new service or groups. The weekly nominations will be subsequently reviewed by Sarah Hartley and Paul Robinson, will appear on The Mancunian Way and on the Saturday e-view page of Manchester Evening News, and the only criteria is that your site or blog should have something to do with Manchester.

And a huge thank you to Craig who – I know – has been very helpful, thoughtful, and full of brilliant ideas (as always). Stay tuned in for the news about the date, time, and venue.

Update on the date and venue: please note that as of 28th of August, the sign-up is complete. Stay tuned to the pub poll, where the voting is currently is pretty much in favour of Dukes 92, one of Castlefield’s meeting hotspots. For all who signed up, check out the Google Map in the side bar for The MEN address, and I will add the pub landmark once it is known.



11 thoughts on “Where Have All The Manc Bloggers Gone?”

  1. Hi JulieSounds like a good idea to me. How about organising it through a google meet up or similar? Count me in anyway.


  2. Yay Julia! I’m so glad someone is taking the lead on organising another blogmeet. I would love to do it, but my post-bambina craziness is still in full effect. We will try our darndest to come, though. Be sure to let me know when you’ve set a date/time/place and I’ll post about it and send out an email to all the happy manc bloggers.


  3. New to the world of blogging but this sounds like a great idea and I’d love to get involved! Will check back here to see when more details appear, though if you’re sending invites through facebook you can find me via my site: http://joegravett.co.uk/Best of luck with organising it, hope it’s a success.


  4. Kate, thanks a lot! Yes, I’ve got the blogging blues – I hope you can make it together with the youngest generation of Mancunian bloggers! Joe, hi! Thanks for your kind wishes, I’ll note your FB address, and keep you on the list.


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