Flickr-Day in History

Two years ago, October 17th 2006 saw a project called “One Day in History” as a part of History Matters campaign organised by the National Trust and key heritage organisations. People of all ages and nationalities, living in Britain, could send a blog post describing what they did on the day.

Whether or not the guys at Flickr knew about this project, they have certainly taken up a similar idea, and last year pioneered 24 Hours of Flickr – a pool of photographs taken on May 5th 2007, capturing a moment in life of over 7 thousand people. You can visit the link above to flick through the photos, and some of them are sure to put you in the mood for Flickr 888, which will take place on August 8th, 2008.

Better yet, Flickr are teaming with MOO, to print exclusive Flickr 888 Postcard Packs, to be available in early autumn. Suddenly there seem to be more reasons to think of participating in this project.

One of the Flickr friends who, I think, should consider taking part is John Grundeken from the Netherlands. You surely have seen his amazing design for a tie, commemorating his adoration for Barbra Streisand. As an artist, John specialises in linocut, and you can view some examples of his work online. I faithfully followed his Paris 2007 and Paris 2008 sets, but, if I am honest, John’s treatment of flora can leave one spellbound. This may sound strange, especially if John reads this, but he photographs flowers and plants, like I photograph streetlights – passionately, copiously, and lovingly. Hyacinths, roses, irises, peonis, orchids… you name it! I should also note his love for gardening and planting, which obviously adds an extra touch to his work. And with John’s permission I have an ace work of his, but just for some more time this is going to remain an ace up my sleeve.


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