Bolton Bodysnatchers: The Cost of a Typo

For the second day running I come across articles from the press that just cannot be lost for the posterity – they need to be preserved and cherished. And before you say anything, I (as all of us) am occasionally guilty of making an odd typo. But seeing examples like the one in this post just makes me be more attentive, especially when publishing online.

Paul Keaveney reports for The Bolton News that a thief snatched a handbag off an elderly lady’s shoulder, as she walked down the street. “The bag contained a purse with cash inside. The thief was a white and wore a blue tracksuit and a hooded top“. The robbery took place at 8.30 am on June 20th, in Brownlow Way in Bolton, and anyone with information is urged to call Bolton CID’s Robbery Unit, on 0161 856 5645.

But it is the current title of the story that prompted this post – click on the image below to see.

So, thanks to a typo, the thief snatched not just a bag, but even a shoulder – as my colleague pointed out, “thieves will nick anything these days”.

As for me, I remembered O’Henry’s quote: “A burglar who respects his art always takes his time before taking anything else”. I think the same should be true for thieves, journalists and online publishers alike.


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