Does Your Desktop Tell Anything About You?

I‘m terrible as far as image browsing is concerned. There are many images that I like, and I save them. By default, they are saved to my desktop – as is anything else that I save or download. The desktop on my computer is a rather unhealthy pool of different files (mainly images), in which I’m almost afraid of diving, even for the purpose of cleaning it and giving it some kind of order.

A Gaudi house in Barcelona

Recently I changed the desktop image on my PC at work. Now I realised there was something about the change. Yet again I started the year vowing to travel (as you know, I already spent the New Year in North Wales and went to Leeds on the spur of the moment). As a part of one work project, I had to research into all things Spanish. The magic happened: I thought that Paris – the destination I have long “lusted” after – could wait, and that I’d like to go to Barcelona first, to see Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces. It was still March, then April showers came in, and all the time I had this bright picture of one of Gaudi’s buildings on my desktop (left).


Yesterday I thought I’d want another picture. The weather in Manchester is amazingly sunny and hot, but the desktop suddenly began to look too sizzling. I needed a change. Something non-urban, not-hot, not-red, but calming and breezy. Sometime before I researched into all things Belgian, and I eventually chose the picture on the right.

On my laptop’s desktop I used to have one of custom images of some sort of cave. This was changed last week to a picture of a Roman amphitheatre in Algeria (below, left). And at my previous work I used to have the famous scene from The Seventh Seal on my desktop (below, right).

Ingmar Bergman, The Seventh Seal

One thing I have never had on my desktop are pictures of either dressed or (half) naked celebrities. This is not to say I have never looked at or saved such pictures to my hard drive. But no, I don’t have my favourite actor/actress/singer’ face staring at me every time I go to desktop. I also have never had any mantra messages, poems, aphorisms or phrases displayed or running in all directions across my desktop. And I definitely don’t (and won’t) have hearts, angels with arrows, tears, and other “romantic” imagery in front of my eyes. I will go, though, for flowers, dogs, Venetian masks, famous paintings or photographs, film scenes, nature and landscapes.

I am thinking if our desktops tell anything about us? I may not be the best study case for this, as I have realised that my desktop is an illustration to my creative, artistic, but also nomadic, side. At the same time, it seems to reflect the change in weather or environment. Last year when I lived in a Mancunian suburb and worked in Warrington, I had a photo of Hong Kong on my desktop – as an epitome of super-mobile, super-trendy place where I wished I could be. When it was a cold and rainy spring this year, I looked at the multicolour Gaudi’s edifice in Barcelona. And now when I live and work in Manchester city centre, and the weather is bright and warm, I suddenly want to wander off to the Belgian meadows.

I leave you to reflect on your desktops, and I look forward to hearing about your findings, if you make any.


2 thoughts on “Does Your Desktop Tell Anything About You?”

  1. Come to think of it, my desktop wanders the world as well. I like to treat it like a window… so I create a view. Usually one on the beach. As for people, the only faces on my screen have been my husband and I on the beach on our wedding day.


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