Orthodox Easter: Eggs, Cakes, and Cards

As some of you may know, today is the Orthodox Easter. I cannot say my family or myself ever went beyond a simple mark of the day. The service in the main Moscow cathedral has been televised for years, which we used to watch; yet we never went to church ourselves. At the same time, the traditional Easter cakes are widely sold in the shops, and we did buy them. There is another Orthodox custom of painting the eggs, but again we never did this. So, in short, my family’s attitude to holidays like Easter or Christmas is very secular, in that we treat both as a family celebration, rather than religious festival.

Anyway, I wanted to show you a selection of images, and some of them I found on the forum I frequent, so I’ll start with these. Tatiana Afonina (whom I only know by face, we’ve never met in person) is a happy and cheerful wife of a policeman and a mother of a little boy, living in one of major Moscow suburbs. She is a teacher working with mentally handicapped children, and one of her main methods of engaging them is by staging theatrical performances. In her spare time, however, Tatiana is an avid housekeeper, and recently she dazzled all the visitors to the forum with her stupendous Easter ornaments. So, on the left you see her crochet design for an Easter egg, and on the right is one of her Easter cakes. Both the egg and cake (in fact, almost a dozen of them) made me wish my family and I had learnt to celebrate Easter “properly”.

Lastly, two cards, one is again found and uploaded to the forum by Tatiana. One of Orthodox Easter customs is to give each other an egg and to exchange kisses, and so the image on the left illustrates just that. The large letters stand for “Christ Is Risen” in Russian (Христос Воскресе/khristOs voskrEse). And on the right is a picture from my family archive. Unfortunately, I have no idea about the date, but as with many other pictures in the green velvet family album, it is probably about a hundred years old. The inscription at the bottom says: “Holy Easter Greetings!


Above is the picture of a Paskha made by a visitor to my blog (with whom, turns out, we share a passion for Michel Polnareff’s music). Thanks a lot for sharing it!


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