Working and Walking in Castlefield

I‘ve always wanted to work in the city centre. I also want to live in the city centre, if only to rectify the years I’ve spent travelling everywhere by bus, train, taxi, etc. But I realise that things don’t always happen as quickly as I’d like, so I’m pleased with the result so far.

Every time I travelled to Warrington I used to go past the apartments block along the Bridgewater Canal, and every time I was thinking of how good it would be to live there. I had this strange fascination with the glass walls of the flats. I’m sure you will agree with me that there is something futuristic, ueber-modern, and altogether fashionable about The Box Works building you can see at the top of the post (right).

Just a short walk from here is St Edmund’s church which has been converted into apartments. I had a conversation with a good friend of mine some time ago on the subject of which letting agent to visit and what to expect. Sitting in Odder Bar in Oxford St, we were sieving through the letting offers in one of Manchester’s property magazines. There was a studio on offer in St Edmund’s church, and we briefly contemplated on what it could be like: to live in a church. I’m not particularly superstitious but I’m probably not ready yet for such experience.

Every day I have to go from Bridge St past Granada TV and the Museum of Science and Industry across the bridge to my office. On my way to work I’m being hushed at by the geese (not the most pleasant experience, especially when a goose stands right in the middle of the walk – this way it should be you who’s hushing). On my way from work I’m inundated with runners who these days assemble in groups of 4-8 people. Before long I’ll be feeling like I’m trying to walk through the marathon…

And what it is really interesting is that, in addition to geese (and swans, too), there’s some cattle in Castlefield. At the bottom of the street where I work there is this Hindu cow (left). And not far from the Roman fort there is Sheep monument by Ted Roocroft (1986, right). Curiously, the monument stands not far from The White Lion pub. Sheep, Cows… but all Lions must be sleeping tightly in the Mancunian jungle.


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