Russian Winter Visiting Manchester

As wonderful as it sounds, there is no guarantee that the snow I saw outside my house this morning will stay for a substantial period of time. On the other hand, for the second year running the winter in Moscow was not what it used to be, reportedly there was a perpetual lack of snow and alarmingly repetitive rain. It is all the more interesting bearing in mind that they opened St Petersburg Restaurant in Manchester. I can’t remember anything called “Moscow” being opened or existing in Manchester, but it must be a matter of time now. So, while Russia is bringing her place names and cuisine to the British shores, Britain is lending Russia the weather. Qui pro quo at its best.

Speaking of St Petersburg Restaurant. I haven’t been there, but I have heard some reviews, so I went to check their menu. What I saw was quite puzzling. Borsch is uneqivocally identified as a typically Russian dish, however the classical borsch is cooked with red meat, usually beef but also pork. At St Petersburg they offer a vegetarian option, with chicken – and to be honest with you, this is the first time I heard about chicken borsch. I suppose it has every right to exist, and it is probably quite tasty, but the famous classical borsch is cooked with red meat, full stop. If it is vegetarian, then it is only cooked with vegetables.

And speaking of borsch – if you are up to experimenting, try and cook it at home. I remember the lovely times of coming home from school and sitting down to my afternoon meal. Sometimes it would be borsch, and it is indeed fabulous to serve it in a soup bowl, with a spoon of sour cream. You mix sour cream in with borsch, and you can have brown bread with it. I found this recipe at CookUK particularly welcoming, so I gladly recommend it.


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